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Why us?

  • Thousands of listings
    Thousands of listings

    Whether you are a business owner contemplating a transaction (willing to sell your business, franchise or increase capital), a strategic or financial buyer seeking to invest or a deal advisor bringing a deal to market you are at the right place.

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  • Matching Tool
    Matching Tool

    The magic tool is the personalized M&A SMART virtual agent, which makes your life easier. The smart agent works 24/7 around the clock, helping to find the best suitable matches for your searches, giving you an advantage in the search process!

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  • Complex Deal Management
    Complex Deal Management

    M&A World offers complex transaction services from the beginning stages all the way through until the deal is closed. The combination of M&A World Professionals, with deep industrial knowledge and the latest IT technologies results competitive advatage in the transaction process.

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