M&A Academy

Selling or purchasing a WORK OF LIFE is an ART, needs deep understanding, various skills, industrial knowledge and serious preparation. Education and training are the key drivers to shape the future together. M&A World represents M&A ACADEMY, the complex education for Sellers, Investors and Advisors.

The online training focuses on various areas of mergers and acquisitions to get a deep and complex understanding about the main drivers, strategies and players.

There are two levels, the BASIC and the GOLD, both of them are recommended for Sellers, Investors and Advisors and mandatory for M&A World members and partners. Basic training does not need any previous studies. Gold training needs financial or economic studies or minimum completing the Basic training.

M&A BASICS (one day online training)

  • sell-side process introduction,
  • buy-side process introduction,
  • business valuations overview,
  • transaction strategies and best practices.

M&A GOLD (6 sessions of 4 hours online training)

  • communication and sales,
  • financials and accounting,
  • legal and taxational,
  • financiers, investors and sellers views,
  • buy and sell-side processes,
  • business valuation, investment memorandum, target analysis,
  • and much more.

Both trainings starts twice a year and the participation is ANONYM because of confidentiality reasons.