Privacy Policy at M&A World Deal Sharing, Matchmaking and Project Management Platform.

Version 2.1 (of May 21, 2024)

  1. Preamble

    These terms and conditions shall apply to external as well as internal users. If you wish to use the Platform, you must first read these Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) carefully and agree with them. M&A World reserves the right to modify or change the Terms or any other policy at any time, and the ability to do so is in sole discretion, and any such changes, unless otherwise noted, will be applicable immediately. Always the current Terms are considered as in force and applicable.

  2. Who is responsible for data processing?

    Within the meaning of the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("DGSVO") M&A World Kft. (Szomori út 42, 2527 Máriahalom, Hungary (hereinafter "M&A World") is responsible ("Controller") for the processing of your personal data. M&A World is Controller related to your personal data processed via the webpage Contact details of M&A World Data Privacy Protection:

  3. When does M&A World collect and process personal data?
    M&A World collects and processes your personal data, amongst others, in the following cases:
    • As part of the registration of the M&A World Platform
    • As part of the use of the M&A World Platform

  4. Which category of data can be collected?
    The following categories of personal data are collected:
    • Contact details: Company name, address, activity, financial information, name, job title, organizational unit, telephone number and e-mail address, other necessary information, online identification (user name) and password
    • Application-related personal configuration settings and preferences: Please help us to keep your information up to date by informing us about changes to your personal data - in particular to your contact details - or by changing this yourself in the Platform.

  5. For what purposes is your personal data processed?

    Collected personal data is processed for the following purposes.

    1. When using services provided via the M&A World Platform, the above-listed personal data are collected, processed and used primarily for the purposes of authentication, authorization, process control and establishing contact within the framework of the provisions of applicable data protection laws.

    2. Collected personal data is also processed to ensure the operation of IT systems. To ensure the operating of IT systems means e.g.:
      • the backup and recovery of personal data processed in IT systems,
      • the logging and monitoring of transactions to check the functioning of IT systems,
      • the detection and prevention of unauthorized access to personal data
      • Incident and problem management for troubleshooting on IT systems.

    3. Data transfer within M&A World

      If it is necessary for the use of the Platform M&A World will, after a careful review and only to the extent necessary, transfer your personal data. If so, M&A World handles this personal data as personal responsible Processor.

  6. How does M&A World protect your personal data?
    M&A World uses various security measures, including state-of-the-art encryption and authentication tools, to protect and maintain the security, integrity, and availability of your personal data. It is protected by state-of-the-art physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in accordance with applicable privacy laws. M&A World has implemented (among others) the following measures:
    • Strict eligibility criteria for accessing your personal data on a need-to-know basis and for the sole purpose,
    • Transfer of personal data only in encrypted form,
    • Storage of confidential data only in encrypted form,
    • Firewall protection of IT systems for protection against unauthorized access, e.g. by hackers and
    • Permanent monitoring of access to IT systems to detect and prevent the misuse of personal data.

  7. How long does M&A World store your personal data?

    M&A World does store your personal data only as long as the relevant purpose requires it. If personal data is processed for multiple purposes, the personal data will be automatically deleted or stored in a form that cannot directly be traced back to you, as soon as the last specified purpose has been fulfilled.

  8. To whom does M&A World give international access to your personal data and how does M&A World protect it?

    M&A World is an organisation with an international presence. Personal data is preferably processed by M&A World Support Center. M&A World relies on a number of service providers which are processing personal data on behalf of M&A World to assist in the provision of the listed services and use cases. The service providers are commissioned under the strict requirements of applicable data protection laws.

  9. How can you view and revoke your registration online?

    You can see your registration at To revoke or delete your registration go to "My Account".

If you have any questions regarding the use of your personal data by M&A World, please contact M&A World at