Project management Platform

At M&A World, we strive to provide our members and partners with best-in-class tools and resources to facilitate success. M&A World Project Management Platform is a cutting-edge solution customized specificly for merger and acquisition transactions developed with key international players of the market. Members with their annual membership and partners receive access to M&A World Project Management Platform.

M&A World’s Project Management Platform centralizes deal tracking from origination through closing. Monitors workflow, pipeline, issues, tasks and milestones in a secure, online workspace. Assign customized permissions to your team and counterparties for full transparency into deal status. Built on an intuitive, customizable interface, the Platform streamlines collaboration and oversight on even the most complex initiatives. The Platform's robust feature set includes online workspaces, task assignment, file sharing, and real-time dashboards to keep stakeholders informed.

Project management related additional services, such as due diligence advisory, deal management and virtual data room services are available.

Deal Management

Additional transaction advisory hours with dedicated professionals. M&A World provides its advisory services on a success-fee base with non-exclusive rights. M&A World provides a maximum number of advisory hours in the contract between the Client and M&A World. In case the agreed advisory hours are used, which has been reported, the Client can order additional consultancy hours.

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Due Diligence

M&A World with its partners and members offers full scale of independent due diligence services worldwide. Due diligence process focuses most cases on financial, taxational and legal areas, some cases on technical and environmental areas as well. M&A World Professionals are able to serve and prepare the DD red flag reports based on international standards globally.

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Data Room

M&A World provides Virtual Data Room services that are specifically tailored for M&A transactions with FULL support. M&A World’s innovative virtual data room allows users to effortlessly access, share, and download documents while maintaining strict confidentiality agreements.

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