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M&A World introduction

About Us

M&A World, the global network of merger and acquisition professionals, is the most cutting-edge independent provider of efficient and innovative solutions in cross-boarder transactions across the globe and across all sectors.

Facing the challenges of the economic circumstances M&A advisory went through a strong paradigm shift in recent years. Traditional advisory became slow and inefficient. M&A World jumped forward!
We developed an entirely completely new transaction advisory method based on an unique philosophy. We combine traditional values and international standards with innovative, digitalized Business IT Solutions. By following our guideline and services, M&A World significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to close a deal with guarantee.

M&A WORLD’s success is based on three main pillars: Worldwide network of M&A Professionals, skillful Business Support Center and innovative business IT solutions.

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it solutions

M&A World is based on three pillars


M&A World provides a wide range of global network of merger and acquisition professionals. More than 550 M&A professionals from over 125 countries are working closely together in order to deliver all the undertaken transactions with a successful outcome. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford

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Support center

M&A World partnership was created 20 years ago by international investors in the heart of Europe with the mission to raise merger and acquisition advisory to a higher level. In 2009 the first and in 2022 the second Business Support Center were established. We provide high-end, complex solutions based on international standards to support our members and partners worldwide.

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Business IT solutions

The bases of effective merger and acquisition advisory on top of networking and the support of M&A World Professionals is the secured IT background, digitalization and the innovative business IT solutions. M&A World IT Specialists developed tailor made softwares and applications to support our partners and speed up the transactions.

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Why M&A World?

Benefits for Investors

Investors are able to efficiently discover international investment opportunities based on their search criteria without industry or geographic limitations. This platform allows investors to pre-filter and select the most suitable targets. Investors can then directly contact the advisors representing those targets, saving both time and money compared to traditional methods of searching for potential acquisition targets.

Investors’ Guide

Benefits for Sellers

Thanks to our international network and pre-defined search criteria for investor databases, sellers have a greater chance and faster ability to find the most suitable investors. It creates a more competitive situation among multiple investors, which results in maximizing the sales value. Our global network can handle the most complex cases, guaranteeing the best possible results.

Sellers’ Guide

Benefits for Advisors

Advisors leverage the power of networking, shared marketing resources, expanding investor and client databases, state-of-the-art technology solutions, and continuous education and development opportunities to complete their projects more quickly and efficiently. By taking advantage of these collaborative tools, advisors can accelerate both business development and client services.

Advisors’ Guide

M&A World Services

Business Valuation

Preparation of independent, professional Business Valuations based on international standards, calculation and derivation of company value through ROI calculations and sensitivity analysis. M&A World distinguishes between three widely known and accepted valuation methods: income-based (discounted cash flow), market comparison (multiples) and asset-based valuation methods.

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Brand Valuation

Preparation of independent, professional Brand Evaluations based on international standards, calculation and derivation of brand value. Combining the historical performance of the company with industry-specific and macroeconomic trends, an industry- and country-specific company with average profitability and future prospects is modelled, which is comparable to the company.

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Investment Memorandum

Complex transaction introduction document based on international standards, covering the presentation of the company, its activities, products and services, assets, properties, ownership structure and organization, in addition to strategic considerations, opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses, and the financial, asset and income position of the company.

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Market Research

Preparation of independent, professional Market Research based on international standards. The primary purpose of the complex Market Research is to support investors’ decision to select industry sector as well as to build acquisition strategy. The assessment covers industrial trends, players, methods, best practices, in addition to strategic considerations, opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses.

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Target Analysis

Complex Target Analysis and Target selection based on international standards to support investors to build pipeline. The primary purpose of the professional Target Analysis is to examine concrete targets (max 50) in a selected industry sector to support investors’ decision to select the best acquisition opportunities as well as to build acquisition strategy.

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Business Plan

International standard-based, detailed Business Plan with investment return calculations. M&A World’s complex Business Plan is accepted by all players of a successful transaction. Business Plan, in case of companies in maturity stage, is based on historical company-specific performance, combined with industrial trends, micro- and macroeconomic data and future expectations in case of start-ups.

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Benchmark Analysis

Benchmark Analysis is an indispensable part of Transfer Pricing Documentation, which contains the full derivation of the calculations, recommended for Tax Advisors and Financial Experts. The purpose of the benchmarking study is to present a consolidated analysis of Companies' pricing and to demonstrate the market value of the associated prices during their related business transactions.

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EBITDA Normalization

Complex EBITDA Normalization with detailed report based on international standards. EBITDA normalization is one of the most important tools of value enhancement advisory services, its goal is to gain a real picture of the income generation capability of a given business. Its task is to adjust all costs, expenditures and revenues that are not expected to occur or arise in the future.

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M&A Smart Agent - Free

The powerful tool on M&A World’s digital Deal Sharing Platform is the personalized M&A SMART virtual assistant. This SMART assistant is available 24/7 to match users' search criteria against ongoing M&A opportunities.

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Investment Profile

POST investment search criteria by an Investor or an Advisor and reach the best out of the market acquisition opportunities worldwide! Whether seeking investment opportunities, willing to purchase majority or minority part of a business, increase capital or open to build a joint venture or an asset deal POST a listing right now and make it visible!

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Target Profile

POST for sale by a Seller or by an Advisor. Whether selling majority or minority part of a business, seeking an investor, willing to increase capital, need financing or open to build a joint venture or an asset deal POST a listing right now and make it visible! The Target Profile will be listed on M&A World Deal Sharing Platform, reaching the largest audience of international investors interested about M&A on the Web.

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Data Room

M&A World provides Virtual Data Room services that are specifically tailored for M&A transactions with FULL support. M&A World’s innovative virtual data room allows users to effortlessly access, share, and download documents while maintaining strict confidentiality agreements.

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Deal Management

Additional transaction advisory hours with dedicated professionals. M&A World provides its advisory services on a success-fee base with non-exclusive rights. M&A World provides a maximum number of advisory hours in the contract between the Client and M&A World. In case the agreed advisory hours are used, which has been reported, the Client can order additional consultancy hours.

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Due Diligence

M&A World with its partners and members offers full scale of independent due diligence services worldwide. Due diligence process focuses most cases on financial, taxational and legal areas, some cases on technical and environmental areas as well. M&A World Professionals are able to serve and prepare the DD red flag reports based on international standards globally.

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M&A Academy

Selling or purchasing a WORK OF LIFE is an ART, needs deep understanding, various skills, industrial knowledge and serious preparation. M&A World represents M&A ACADEMY, the complex education for Sellers, Investors and Advisors.

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M&A Conference

The best occasion to meet personally! M&A World Annual Conferences take place in different locations every year, with the aim to meet and get to know each other, share contacts, best practices, concrete deals and much more. Collaboration and communication are the key drivers of an effective network.

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